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1787 Derbys near Notts (full version)

Derbys/Notts 2012

2013 with Kelham


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January 16, 2013 at 10:59 am

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Which Job?

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I established in the last post that my earliest Beresford ancestor was almost definitely Job Berisford (or Berrisford/Berresford/Beresford). I now hope to find out where he came from.

We can place him at the time of his marriage in 1787 as living in central Nottingham (“of St Mary’s”). Looking at the 2005 Nottingham Family History Society (FHS) database of over a million parish records for Nottinghamshire I could find no Job Beresford baptism or burial in the immediate Nottingham area.

Nottingham at the time was growing at an enormous rate. A late 18C population of 5,000 had by 1801 grown to 29,000. Young men from the surrounding area would have been flocking to this centre of industry and maybe Job was amongst them. I widened the search to include all of Nottinghamshire and adjoining Derbyshire.

Job Berrisford, m Kelham, 1782

Amongst others this turned up a 1782 marriage for a Job Berrisford and Ann Duckmanton in Kelham, about 30k north east of Nottingham. This looked promising until IGI baptisms revealed two children for this couple, both Mary, baptised 1782 and 1784. A search of the FHS burials turned up two Kelham Berisford burials in 1816, Anne, 53, in July and Elizabeth, 12, in September. Anne is almost certainly Job’s wife and Elizabeth could be another daughter or possibly even a daughter of their daughter. Whatever the case, these records make it unlikely that this Job is my Job.

Job Berrisford, m Crich, 1777

About 20k north-east of Nottingham in Derbyshire is Crich parish where in 1777 Job Berisford married Mary Hall. The baptism records from Crich indicate that they had three sons between 1780 and late 1786. The spelling of this Job’s name matches my Job’s but although it is possible that this Job’s wife might have died in late 1786 it does seem hard to believe that there was enough time for him to sort out his children, become “of Nottingham” and form a relationship with Elizabeth Henson before marrying in Bunny in July 1787. I did consider that maybe Elizabeth was in Crich already and it might have been a quick marriage to provide the children with a mother but my Job being “of Nottingham” and the burial of one of the children in Crich in 1788 does seem to blow that theory.

Job Berrisford, m Alfreton, 1793

Move east 2k from Crich and we find Alfreton where in 1793 Job Berrisford married Mary Baxter. It seems that this Job is part of a line of Alfreton Jobs. A good bet for his father is a Job Beresford of Alfreton who married Frances North in 1762. And then there is Job Berrisford baptised 1794 who is almost definitely his son and most likely the Job who married Rebecca Stanley in 1821. Although the age of the middle Alfreton Job might fit with that of my Job, the 1793 marriage pretty much rules him out.

Job Berresford, of Wooley or Morton, b c1760

About 3 miles north of Alfreton is Morton and a mile or two to the west of Morton is Woolley where Job Berresford was baptised in 1724. This Job, a cordwainer of Woolley Moor, married Sarah Peace in Morton in 1754. I can’t find any record of baptisms for their children but did come across a transcription of Job’s will dated 1798. In it a number of children are mentioned including two sons, John and Job. Based on the order of mention, John would have been the elder and this is more or less confirmed in an 1801 Wooley Moor document referring to a land transaction where John, by then a cordwainer, takes over a lease previously held by his father (if I read it correctly). I’m assuming from the absence of a mention of either in their mother’s will of 1812 that both John and Job junior might have passed away by that date.

If Job senior married in 1754 and John was the eldest, then Job must have been born later than 1755. The mention in the will is all we have so it is possible that as a younger son of a cordwainer he might have left to seek his fortune in Nottingham in the 1780s. It is equally possible that he may be the Job who turned up in Kelham and married 18 year old Anne Duckmanton in 1782.

Jobs of Ashover

Head north west from Woolley Moor and in about a mile you’ll come to Ashover. Ashover parish is the place of baptism, marriage and burial for a confusing tangle of Jobs. I’ll ignore the “member submitted” records and try and sort out those I believe have come directly from the parish records but first I’ll include this one who seems to be mentioned more than once by Michael Spencer of the “Yesterday’s Journey” and “Today’s Journey” websites.

Job Berrisford b c1742 of Allishead

In a 2004 post describing a journey along the roads behind Ashover this mention of “Job Berrisford” appeared with no further explanation, “…. We pass Cullumbell House further up the road, and cross the Alice Head road. Job BERRISFORD was from Allishead when he died in 1812 aged 70 years. Alice Head road stands on the one thousand foot contour line but there are no snow capped peaks here …….”. Although from a usually reliable source I might have disregarded such a casual reference but for the second reference amongst the same site’s transcriptions of Settlement Examination records – “Job BERRISFORD born Ashover, 37, hired to Richard ASHLEY of Over Langwith. 1778”. The birth date more or less agrees with that of the Alice Head Job and as the following list of Ashover Jobs will show, I have no other with a baptism date within 5 years of it.

The Ashover area in the 1700s seems to be crawling with Berisfords and from what I can work out most of them were descendants of Godfrey Basford (1654 – 1731) and his wife Sarah. A few years ago I added this family very quickly to my online tree and I suspect that some of the (mis)information there has now seeped into a number of public trees on ancestry.com. To sort out where the Jobs really sit in all this I probably need to rebuild an Ashover Berisford tree but am guessing that this has already been done by someone. For the time being I’ll look at the these three Jobs.

Job Berrisford bapt 1748 Ashover (son of Paul and Mary)

On the surface the most reliable source I can find for this Job Berrisford is the ancestry.com record which has him baptised in 1/6/1748. For some reason every public tree on ancestry ignores that and has it as 1/6/1745. This is getting closer to the calculated 1742 birth date of Job of Allishead. Maybe he was baptised when 2 or 3? Unfortunately if I accept the tree information as correct I might also have to accept the date of death they all provide, not 1812 but 1829. What do the owners of these trees know that I don’t know? Is there a good source for the 1845/1829 dates or did they appear on one tree and just get copied to the rest?

Job Berrisford bapt 1748 Ashover (son of Thomas and Ann)

It seems a little coincidental that there would be two Job Berrisfords baptised in Ashover in 1748 but Job seems to have been a common name amongst Godfrey’s descendants and this second Job Berrisford‘s baptism seems to be well documented. There are a couple of LDS “member submitted” records with contradictory death dates of 1752 and 1812 but other than that I can’t find anything more on this Job. The 1812 death does add some weight to the story of Allishead Job. Maybe this is him? And maybe the 1752 death has a connection to the next Job below.

Job Berrisford bapt 1761 Ashover (son of Paul and Mary)

There is only the ancestry.com record for this Job Berrisford. It is possible that he may have been the very late child of Paul and Mary above. Could the 1752 death mentioned in the last entry be their 1748 Job? on the other hand the records show other Pauls producing children in Ashover in the 1760s. There was no mother Mary but a few entries from 1763 on had no mother’s name.

So, where does that leave me?

There’s Job, born c1760, son of the Woolley cordwainer, who as a younger son may have ended up in Nottingham in 1787. His age seems right and then there’s the mention of him in his father’s 1799 will but not his mother’s 1812 will fitting with my Job’s last known child in 1804.

Apart from him we have the Ashover Jobs. These are all tangled up together but there seems to be at last three of them and one may have drifted to Nottingham. The number of ancestry trees referring to them suggests that somewhere out there is a lot more information on these families so maybe the approach is to tidy up my own Ashover tree and then go looking for it.

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Why Job?

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Family Register

My earliest confirmed Beresford ancestor was William Berresford born in 1788.  A copy of a family register handed down to my grandfather gives us some details of his marriage and children but unfortunately nothing on his birth. The 1841 census gives only the county of his birth (Nottinghamshire) and an age of 50 which, considering the five year bands used in that year’s June census, could mean a birth date anywhere between June 1787 and June 1791. A better clue is his death certificate which gives his age at the time of his death in February 1850 as 61, indicating a birth between Feb 1788 and Feb 1789.  Death certificate ages of this time are notoriously suspect but with his son James the informant and his wife and most of his other children around him, it is more likely to be accurate. The parish record of his burial four days later also has his age as 61.

A search of the Nottingham Family History database, IGI and Ancestry.co.uk found only one William Beresford baptism in Notts around 1788. It occurred in Bunny just south of Nottingham on 22nd April 1788, the parents being Job Berisford and Elizabeth. A further search revealed that Job married Elizabeth Henson in Bunny the previous year.

More than his son’s baptism date connects Job to us.   His marriage entry identified him as “of St Mary’s Nottingham” and he and Elizabeth went on to have at least five more children, four of them in St Mary’s parish. There is a strong connection between our known family and this parish with William married to Mary Jarvis who was baptised in St Marys (they married in St Peter close by).  Most of their children were also  baptised there before the family moved to Lenton in about 1830.

The spelling of Job’s surname, Berisford, is consistent with that of the known family. William’s children and those of the following generation were baptised under various spellings of the surname (Beresford, Berresford, Berisford) before it settled to being Beresford with my grandfather’s generation. Even in 1870 when William’s granddaughter was baptised at the age of 15 her name was recorded as “Berisford”.

We don’t know much more about Job. His children’s baptisms give no details of his occupation or abode. From the children’s baptisms we can assume he lived in St Mary’s parish or close by  from about 1789 until 1804. By that year 3 or maybe 4 of his children had passed away and another died in a workhouse in 1844, leaving William as the only known survivor.

We can try and estimate his birth date.  At the time of his marriage in 1787 the assumption would be that he was 21 or more and possibly about the same age or a little older than Elizabeth Henson who was born in 1761. This would put his birth date no later than 1766 and probably not much earlier than 1750. Nothing definite but at least a starting point for a search.

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